Where the mountains meet the valley, Colona is a small community located near Montrose, Ridgway and Telluride, Colorado. Many historical buildings and landmarks have been re-purposed into commercial spaces and residences.

Colona is 10 minutes south of Montrose with its amenities such as shopping, a hospital and a commercial airport serving the entire region. Recreational experiences abound to the south with a short 15 minute drive to Ridgway, it’s reservoir, restaurants, hiking & mountain bike trails. Drive 15 minutes further to Ouray and 45 minutes to Telluride. At an elevation of 6340’ temperatures are typically several degrees cooler than Montrose, elev. 5900’ and about 5-7 degrees warmer than Ouray, elev. 7792′  and Telluride, elev. 8750′.

The surrounding area was settled and homesteaded in the 1880’s. Colona was established after the The Los Pinos Agency was set up near the junction of the Navajo Trail (County Road 1) and the Uncompahgre Valley Trail (Highway 550). This is a country setting, surrounded by farms, ridges, mountains and the Uncompahgre River at the intersection of County Road 1 and Hwy 550. Tri-County water and natural gas are available to residents. Schools, K-12 are in Montrose and Ridgway with school bus service available.


La Zona Colona Coffee


On the corner of Highway 550 and Mainstreet, this was the site of the first railroad stop in Ouray County. The current building has housed several business through the years including the Pit Stop Restaurant in the 1970’s then Jim’s BBQ (before it moved to the log building across the street).


La Zona Colona Coffee & Drive-Thru featuring:

  • Indoor & outdoor seating with pergola
  • Friendly baristas & staff
  • Fresh donuts – Our specialty!
  • Coffee, espresso, smoothies, pastries, lunch & breakfast burritos, groceries and ice
  • Convenient, drive-thru service when you are on the go
  • Cowboys welcome! You don’t even have to get off yer horse!
  • A great space to meet friends, socialize and work
  • Ripping fast internet speeds

A great place to stop for a caffeine refresher, cold drink or snack in your travels either way to and from Ouray, Ridgway, Telluride or Montrose. Fresh coffee & espresso, drive-thru, ripping fast internet, fresh made donuts, muffins, burritos, smoothies and ice cream served anytime. While you are at it, pick up milk and ice. CLICK HERE »


Currently closed until further notice. Please check back later.



Located at 38 Sneffels Street. In 1917 it became the home of the Gibson–Faw Lumber & Mercantile. Deeded by a Faw descendant to Christian Science of Colona in 1924. Later purchased by Callaway’s Packing Inc, 1956.


The Stockyards were mucked out, repaired and repurposed into a community event space including covered stage for live music, including BBQ and smoker. It’s chicken coup is still active and producing eggs daily.


A one-of-kind community gathering spot and a great place for an event! Church bar-b-que’s, car shows and musical concerts are some of the events held at the Stockyards. Please call or email us for more information.



This building, at the corner of Hotchkiss Avenue and Highway 550, was built in the 1980’s by Jim Guyton for his Texas style restaurant “Jim’s BBQ”. Jim later sold his property and now lives in the Fredericksburg, Texas area. He started his first BBQ in the small building across Hotchkiss Avenue that had been built for the Pit Stop Restaurant in the mid 1970’s.


Major renovations to the Roadhouse building were done between 2008 and 2010.



At the corner of Hotchkiss Avenue and Sneffels Street, it was built and operated by J.R. Frank, 1925-1955. The store housed the post office. After J.R. Frank died, the property became the new home for Callaway Packing Company in 1956, employing 20 workers. Calloway’s sold the property in 1975.


The entire building is currently under restoration.


Once complete, this space will be available for commercial or retail use.



Now on the corner of Sneffels St and Thatcher Ave, it was built in 1878, in Ouray. It was moved by horse drawn wagon to Colona in 1912. The church bell was donated from the Denver City Hall, and later “went missing “in the 1960s.


Sunday services 10:30am with Pastor Steve Collins. For bible study schedule or for more information call 970.964.7190.



This original 2 story building 0n Sneffels Street was built in the late 1800’s. The first story was built of limestone and the second story was built of Delta brick. At one time it housed the post office and other commercial uses. The second story was used for residential apartments.

From the 1950’s until the 70’s the building was used by Callaway’s Packing Company as part of their operations. The one story building with the parapet wall on south side was added on in the early 1960’s.


The entire building is currently under restoration.


Parts of this building will be available for rent for retail, office, and event space when restoration is complete.



On Whinnerah Avenue, a large 2 story stucco building, built 1916. It was the second Colona school. First one was called Brower School, south of town. After the school closed down in 1948, it was deeded to the Grange in 1953. The school has been used for Grange meetings since the school opened. In 2000, the building was designated as a Ouray County Historic Site, then a Colorado State Historic Site. Colorado Preservation Inc. named the Colona School and Grange as one of Colorado’s Most Threatened and Endangered Places in 2006.


Since it was built, there have been no significant changes to the interior or exterior. It is the only surviving grange in the Uncompaghre Valley. For more information or visit www.coloradogrange.org.



On Hotchkiss Avenue, built by Charlie & Etta Johnson as a boarding house. Mostly was used by the school’s teachers until the school closed.


It is now a private residence.



This 2 story brick building was located on the south side of Hotchkiss Ave., west of Sneffels St. The brick work was done by Joseph Knifer. It also housed the post office, grocery and general store and a pool hall. Destroyed by fire in 1966.



Mexican-American War:  Mexico cedes what is now a large part of the western United States. These lands included Colorado west of the continental divide and became part of the New Mexican Territory ( eastern Colorado was acquired in the Louisiana Purchase – 1803).


– Gold is discovered in Colorado.


Colorado becomes a Territory.


– First settlers arrive in Colona.


– The Los Pinos Agency, and the Utes, were moved from Los Pinos Creek, in the Gunnison Valley, to one quarter mile north of present town of Colona.
– First use of the “Agency Ditch” for water from the Uncompahgre river.
– First herd of cattle trailed into the Uncompahgre Valley.  Cowboys included George Beckwith & Sidney Jocknick.
– Cow Camp set up at the junction of Cow Creek and the Uncompahgre River.


—Colorado statehood.
– George Beckwith dies after a horse accident – buried December 25, 1876 – first grave in Colona Cemetery.
– “Post Office of Uncompahgre” established at Los Pinos Agency.


– Ouray County established.


– Ute uprising at the White River Agency & the killing of Nathan Meeker, Indian Agent 1878-9. Los Pinos Agency Chief Clerk Sherman was involved in obtaining release of the captives.
– James Nelson Smith arrived in Ouray County, at “Uncompahgre Park”, near where Ridgway was later established.


– General Parker (marched with General MacKenzie from Ft. Garland, via Cerro Summit and Black Canyon), US Army, Fourth Calvary, May 1880: “We were near the Uncompahgre Agency…and it was not difficult to see why the Uncompahgre was so much desired by the Whites.  It was practically the only piece of land within hundreds of miles available for cultivation, could easily be irrigated, and had an inexhaustible supply of water”.
– First military supply camp established on west bank of the Uncompahgre,  4 miles north of Los Pinos Agency.


– General Mackenzie, on September 1, 1881, with 1,000 troops, calvary & infantry, “guided” 1,500 Ute  men, women & children  from near the Los Pinos Agency in Ouray County to Utah, approximately  50 miles west of Rangley, Colorado.  This new reservation was at the junction of the Green, White & Duchesne rivers.
– James Garfield was President at this time –he had been a major general in the Civil War (Battle of Shiloh).  He died on Sept 19, from an assassin’s shooting on July 2.  He had signed the bill to relocate the Utes from Colorado.
– J. Smith moved to a farm just south of Colona on Sept. 2, 1881 – the day after the Utes were moved out of Ouray County.
– This was the Smith family farm until it was sold in 1992.
– Colona and surrounding lands were bought by Preston Hotchkiss, Gerhard Jutten, Richard Collin and several others.


– Montrose (formerly Mt. Rose) petition to incorporate with plat & map.
– New families arrive: Gerard & Wilhelmina Jutten and George & Mary Smith.


– Military supply camp is now declared a Military Post by the President as “Cantonment On the Uncompahgre”.
– Home Stretch ditch decree established.
– Ouray County School Board establishes the “Colona School District No. VII”.


– “Cantonment On The Uncompahgre” renamed Ft. Crawford in honor of Captain Emmet Crawford, who was killed Jan. 18 in a skirmish with Indians while trying to track down Geronimo and other Apaches.


– First railroad tracks (narrow gage) & the first railroad stop in Ouray County – at Colona (July 22).  D&RG laid its first tracks from Denver to Colorado Springs in 1870.
– Railroad ceased operations in Ouray County in 1952.
– Preston Hotchkiss begins building a bridge across Uncompahgre River near the old Agency.


– April 10: closing of Ft. Crawford.


– Colona Post Office Established.


– Colorado Business Directory states: “Colona, a small settlement and post office in Ouray County- population 40.”
– Richard Collin, as published in the Montrose Press, builds a home on his ranch near “Colona”. The newspaper also mentions allegations of hay thefts from loaded railroad cars at the Colona switch.
– P.H. Hotchkiss establishes his stores  in Colona and Montrose.


– Richard Whinnerah plats a 10 block town, Colona, for Hotchkiss Bros, including Commerce Building and a Town Hall.


– Colona Community Church is established.


– Colona School opens.


Community Notices

1007, 2019

A New Town Sign for Colona

July 10th, 2019|

Colona is proud to announce their new town sign! Check it out on your way to or from Montrose and while your at it have a cup of coffee at LaZona Colona.

101, 2018

La Zona Colona Coffee Updates

January 1st, 2018|

Say Whoa! Check Out Who Stops by La Zona Colona for a Cuppa. For your outdoor enjoyment and for those warm, sunny days when a little shade helps! We are excited to say, we are open and busy. Traffic has been non-stop through the drive thru as well as local and non-local alike stopping for an a chat, espresso, fresh-made donuts & muffins and to connect into our speedy internet. Which, by the way, knocks it out of the ballpark.

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